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I am back in bed until 4 pm because I am trying to fight off a throat infection because when I do too much for too long, my immune system tanks and things stop healing correctly. Everything about my body gets a little off. I had my period for an hour yesterday and then it stopped. Today my throat is sore and my glands are swollen. I've been snacking on raw cabbage for a few days so the ulcer is going away. I got a massage yesterday to help deal with the body stress. I'm drinking a crapton of throat soothing herb tea and lying in bed with all of the blankets on to sweat this out. It will get fixed, all of it, but it makes me irritable/discouraged when I can't do the things I want because my body can't live up to the number of things to accomplish that my brain has ideas for.

It occurs to me that even if I had a sponsor or trust fund or something that would let me camp out at an Occupy and still pay my bills, I would not be able to do so. As I get older the photophobia (painful sensitivity to light) is getting worse. With the goggles on I can deal with maybe two hours of sun on a good day, half an hour on a bad one before my thoughts get nonlinear and I lose words. If I don't get out of the sun shortly after that i could give myself a migraine. Every migraine incrementally increases your risk of stroke. I don't want to end up like my cousin Julie. It feels selfish to put my desire for physical safety over my desire for actions toward the freedom of our country.  I am stressed out.

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What to do? I want two things that apparently aren't working together very well, and I need to find some way to make them both workable. Still coming up with options, but may have to start taking internet breaks.
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Can I complain a minute? It takes half of fucking forever to get around the house, I can only move boxes by pushing them in front of me with crutches, and I'm having to get ready for work half an hour early because it's going to take that long just to be on time.

Word to the wise: don't wrestle staircases singlehanded. They will win.
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Last night while cleaning out the old place, I missed a step, fell on my ankle, injured myself, called [livejournal.com profile] gonner221, was taken to the hospital, was x-rayed, was drugged and taught how to walk on crutches (in that order), and was taken home by my mother.

If you're thinking, "But Heidi, isn't this the worst possible time all year to be seriously injured/incapacitated?" Then you get a gold star.

This year: kill it. Kill it with fire.


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