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I want to have a lemon-eating party once the house is done being rearranged, but there's a lot that's going to go into this. So I'm going to keep a list here of the stuff that I want to do. If you even read this journal, you are, of course, invited.

  • order miracle fruit tablets
  • buy juices: pomegranate, cranberry, sour cherry
  • H-Mart for best fruit selection
  • buy lemons, limes, oranges, pineapple strawberries, grapefruit, peaches, apples, figs, raspberries
  • collard greens, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles
  • beer, wine,
  • yogurt, dark chocolate
  • make coffee, black tea, green tea
  • flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Default)
    So, CisHet White Dude of my acquaintance, you do not want to keep going through the process of debating with me, even though we are making progress at getting our definitions and miscommunication worked out. That's fine, I guess. You do you.

    But I have noticed a few things about this and previous arguments, and I need to say them, even if I cannot say them to you directly. Like: not every suggestion to change a behavior is a demand for compliance. You are not required to do anything; we are offering upgrades but we're not gonna be all Microsoft about it. You can keep using a behavior that most people use, even if it causes problems.

    Like: not every criticism of a common behavior that creates a problem means that you are a monster unworthy of respect if you use that behavior. If someone on the internet notices that behavior A causes problem X and suggests upgrading to behavior B, I am not criticizing you by posting a link to that content. If you feel personally attacked every time someone posts something that could refer to a behavior that you do, you are going to feel attacked a lot for no good reason and probably will overreact to people who honestly respect you and are trying to make our world better. You know, that world we both have to live in?

    And just because you're used to being in the unmarked category does not mean that there don't need to be words for things. Yeah, it's a made up word and it sounds stupid because you're not used to it. But I have heard you use slang before, so you don't actually have a problem with it until you think that it is somehow about criticizing you, personally. Things need names, especially if we are going to talk sensibly about where behaviors come from.

    Six thousand years ago we lived in small tribal villages of a hundred to a hundred and fifty people where everyone knew everyone else. Now we have cities whose populations number in the millions. The same behaviors, the same culture is not going to work optimally for both situations. Stuff needs to change, and if you don't want to take on any of the hard work of progress, that's on you, but complaining about how other people go about producing a just and equitable society when you are doing none of the work is counterproductive.

    Also: if you know that I post socially progressive content and you don't want to read it why are you following me on facebook?!
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    I say a thing.
    It is ridiculous,
    but you pretend to consider it.
    You say a thing.
    I roll my eyes so hard I fall over on you.
    It is the perfect opportunity for a
    sneak attack.
    Belly pokes.
    I squish my fingers into your sides
    but I’m laughing before you are.
    Mutually assured destruction:
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    Since everyone has rough patches and everyone likes getting mail from friends, it is time to combine these tendencies into a balanced whole. Our friends love us and it stands to reason we should make it as easy as possible to make each other feel better.

    Things that I like that can be easily sent in the mail: secondhand books with notes in the margins, ridiculously brightly colored socks that will fit a women's size 11 (including toe socks), raw walnuts, small rocks and coins from interesting places, leftover beads and old buttons and broken jewelry, and any gluten-free candy that is from other countries.

    If you do not have my physical address, or it is more than 2 years old and no longer the one I am living at, then comment me or email, and I will fix that part. If I do not have yours, I will ask.

    Note To Self - I need to get the wacom tablet out and make a Brain Weasels icon for insomnia.
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    When I look around, I think this: this is good enough.
    And I try to laugh at whatever life brings,
    'Cause when I look down I just miss all the good stuff,
    And when I look up I just trip over things.
    - Ani Difranco

    I can't talk about Albert, really bring him to you, without telling you about how when he was happy the pitch and emphasis of his voice would bound all over his sentences like an over-excited Labrador. I can recall for you his face and the timbre of his voice saying, "If I took half the advice I gave, I wouldn't have these problems. )"
    flamingsword: None can take the stars who do not reach. (Take The Stars)
    I saw Half Blood Prince again today, and GLEE for the 4th time. In my life I've seen Titanic 4 times, AKIRA 5, Moulin Rouge 6, and Romeo + Juliet 14 times, and Dune so many times the cassette tape wore out. Who else does this? Do you have any insight as to why we do it? Or is it purely the enjoyment factor of the familiar?

    In other news, according to Xenoix, I've never talked about being in therapy . . . which I don't actually believe, because when do I not talk? But it's vaguely possible, and I'm pretty sure I've only mentioned it here in passing. Behind the cut tag will be a massive entry on my being a headcase and the first bit of how I got better. )


    Jul. 12th, 2009 03:46 pm
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    A link to Crazy Meds: the one-stop information portal for the mentally interesting.

    Zooborns: Your daily dose of AWWW!

    OH last night: "I'm not sure if faith can move mountains, but I've seen what it can do to skyscrapers." Ouch?

    Went to The Church's 15th anniversary celebration this evening, fun was had by all, even meh-post-headachey me! And now, to bed!
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    * So I have now seen Episode 1 Season 1 of Leverage. Where can I get more of this?

    * I have been thinking through the logistics of insanity, and how chaos theory applies to repeated iterations of the impossible. Perhaps something is not possible when you begin working towards it, but will be by the time you get there (re: our current president is black). In this way some kinds of insanity have real world applications as far as invention, scientific discovery, and social progress. Because the initial conditions of the repeated experiments are constantly changing, each repetition has different chances of success.

    * Love's Baby Soft is pedophile-attractant perfume. I may have to make a frightening Loli outfit to celebrate finding this gem hiding out in my bathroom. There may be pigtails involved. You have been warned.

    * Subculture is the proving ground for dominant-paradigm social policy in the same way that State courts are proving grounds for what becomes federal policy. We're beta-testing new behaviors and shaking the bugs out, so that the majority of our culture can keep to the stable, already-tried ways of relating. People can be as conservative as they like, but what is normal for us now will be a social norm in 50 years. Think back: Beatniks, rock n' roll, hippies: their radical new habits and practices have become our own. Deliberate minimalism, ecological awareness, activism as a lifestyle, the refusal of racism implied by listening to 'black' music: these things used to exist only in outcasts, not in people who swam in the mainstream.

    *Some nights, especially when I can't sleep, I feel unstoppable. I feel like pain is just a condition like breathing and is equally invisible, like every action I take every day will echo through my entire life, like the shadows of what we have been are cast forward onto the future by the light of our former potential selves, obscuring the narrowing field of what we can become in the moving dimness. Only the choices we passed by are brightly lit, and in the gloom ahead lies our eventual fate.

    *Why do I only get metaphorical when I hurt? Stupid stomach pain. Stupid insomnia.

    ETA: Unfinished sentences are also what happens when I can't sleep. Fixed now.
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    Friday before last I was introduced to tequila by [livejournal.com profile] jenndoesntblog, and since then when I say that I like the taste of it and look forward to buying some eventually, everyone seems to think that's ominous. Would anyone care to explain why? Answers have been vague . . .
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    Success! Blue, a.k.a. [livejournal.com profile] gonner221, hosted a party at my house tonight. It started as a game of Munchkin, became pizza and geekitude, and devolved slowly into Munchkin Cthulhu where we all lost our minds and [livejournal.com profile] lifeblender scraped victory off the brink of defeat. SO CLOSE!! Ah, well.

    You missed a good night. We had doujinshi, learned Satat's thoughts on yaoi, Stephanie/Clover got in my pants, there was a Katamari-hug (my new favorite thing!), some vodka, and more brownies and soda than is good for anyone ever. Good times.

    Tired unto death now, gonna respawn for Mother's Day soon. x_x

    last names

    Apr. 22nd, 2009 06:53 pm
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