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Sep. 9th, 2007

flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (*ROTFL*)
Today at work I had my first anaphylaxis. Uh, go me?

This morning I had a Sobe Green Tea, which I've never had before. And never will again. And may avoid guarana forever, 'cause DAMN. I'm not sure that's what it was, but it's the only thing today that I'd not consumed several times over the past few days. The coughing, itchy throat, puffiness, watering eyes and dizzy/stoney/no-blood-pressureness would have really freaked me out if I weren't such a huge med-geek that I've read about the symptoms of allergic shock, what causes them, and when/about what to be worried. So instead of freaking out, I walked out on a client (sorry lady!), lolled in a chair at the front desk (where people could keep an eye on me), called Blue and Douglas to rescue me, and took an antihistamine.

And by lolled I basically mean was drunk as a skunk while my brain was dealing with the lack of oxygen. Dude. I've never felt that drunk when I WAS drunk. Douglas has since told me that, while in any altered state, use of medical trivia and psychic powers to assess whether I'll be okay is not to be relied on, and that if it ever happens again to call an ambulance. It's so cute when boys worry. :)

This week I have seen three things worthy of comment- Supernatural season 1 DVDs have already been returned (thank you Scott) and it was much better than I was expecting (by which I mean that I'm going to buy them for myself). Eragon, as expected, was shiny and pretty and awful, and Slither was gross and AWESOME. Nathan Fillion rocks my socks.

I have a lot of things that need to get handed out, sent off, or returned to their proper owners. Corbi, I have pictures for you on CD that I need to send you. Clint, I have a present from Corbi to pass along to you. Nat's DVD, Douglas' book that Tim has, Blue's book that Kathryn has, a quiz on who wants to go to the Ft. Worth Water Gardens, and I need to call some people and hang out with some others. Call me if you want in on any of that action.

This week, y'all. Let the non-lethal craziness begin!


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