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Jan. 11th, 2007

flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Danger)
The liver trouble Douglas was having in July has not gotten better and is actually a bit worse. According to his liver panel results from the general practitioner, his protein levels are up, which means something is actively damaging his liver. Also? His blood sugar was down in the hypoglycemic range. These two signs together are NOT OF THE GOOD. We're not sure what's going on with that particular organ and had an appointment with a gastroenterologist on Tuesday. We got the bloodwork (a list of tests five inches long) done yesterday, but will not find out what's going on for a while because THE DOCTOR IS ON VACATION FOR THREE WEEKS. And no, his office won't release the test results, the doctor has to do it. Douglas thinks maybe we can go to another specialist and have the rests re-done and get the results sometime next week. This is not a bad plan. It's just not very reassuring when you kind of hope it's a rare genetic disorder that causes psychosis, and then have to sit through three weeks of worry making both of you more psychotic.

My job is also taking this opportunity to stress me the hell out. (But I can buy them off now because I have HELL MONEY! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] hellocobweb!) The other day at work we were talking about evil things we could do to our clinic owner, since he seems to have plateau'ed at "passingly acceptible" and has now started backsliding. He's no longer actively fucking things up, but we still have pent-up frustration at all the not-as-good-as-he-could-be that he seems to have lying around. Also, the clinic manager has the kind of passive-aggressive low self esteem problems that make any problems that you have personal and all about her, and that's so fucking annoying that I'm using my free time in the mornings and my skills at manipulation to rearrange her headspace. 'Cause she needs to chill. I never spent any time thinking up pranks to pull on my bosses, but now seems as good a time as any. Ideas, anyone?

To everyone who has asked after the origin of my wicked cool anti-sun goggles, they are available for purchase on Dr. Peeper's site. Random.

And last but not least, I woke up from a bad dream at 5 this morning with a headache. Over the next hour it proceeded to turn into a migraine. The worst is over, but my neck aches and I can't turn my head all the way to the right, so I'm headed for a chiropractor this evening. Stress is an evil, evil thing.

*goes back to bed*


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