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Let's say an average sexual dyad has 2 sets of 4 pointy joints and a (full) bed surface is 53'x 80' or 8 joints/29 square feet or a quarter joint per square foot. If the number of partners is doubled that's over half a joint per square foot.

If range of motion of any given limb is a foot and a half at the pointy joint, then eight joints to the power of 1.5 feet divided among 29 square feet is 22.627417 over 29 = 0.780255759 or less than one joint per foot of bedspace. Double the number of limbs and you get 16^1.5 = 64 & 64 over 29 = 2.20689655 or more than two joints per foot of bedspace and that is really bad odds for not getting an elbow to the head.

I think threesomes would be the most I am willing to risk, mathematically speaking.
flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Default)
* Our culture resents and mocks hipsters for the same reason that I love them: they are the only large, culturally influential group that openly discriminates against the mainstream. Pop culture and its followers aren't used to being othered, and they really don't like the feeling. File under 'Taste Of One's Own Medicine'.

* When I was a teenager, I didn't have a sexuality of my own. I was attracted to people, but I didn't know why or what the factors of that attraction were. I was horny, but I didn't fantasize about normal things when masturbating - which I did infrequently. When I decided to learn about sex the way I learned about everything else, that there had to be books on the subject, I found that the only people speaking up were the BDSM and paraphilia communities. I owe my knowledge of sexuality and the emotional relating that underlies sexual relationships to books on S&M, clinical studies profiling D/S relationships, and slash fiction. File under 'Things I Owe To Kinksters'.

* Love is the reason we create things not because Love is itself creative, but because Love is a destroyer. It's so fun and addictive that we mostly don't mind the necessity, but love will destroy our conceptions of self, beauty, boundaries, value, meaning, risk - it can basically rewrite our context for everything and take apart any relationship, grabbing it by the metaphors and shaking. That's where the stereotypes come from of the loveless coward, the reckless heartthrob, all the rational people seduced by their emotions: all are reflections of this one truth. Dangerous Love breaks things and we are forced to pick up and rearrange the pieces in the aftermath. File under 'Structural Assay of MetaRelationships'.


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