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When talking to conservatives or anyone who does not believe as you do, it is necessary to reframe you arguments in terms of what is morally important to your audience. To further this goal, here are some of the arguments that will have a chance of swaying opinion toward meeting in the middle.

Russia interfered in our election. - Russia interfered with our freedom to choose (freedom) and violated the sanctity of the vote (sanctity). By allowing this to go unchallenged, Trump is betraying the freedom of the American people.

Trump's conflicts of interest - There are rules laid down by the founding fathers (respect for authority) about conflicts of interest to stave off tyranny. Trump is violating those rules for his own greed (moral corruption).

Universal Healthcare & Obamacare- "Conservatives were more likely to support universal health care when they read an argument said more uninsured people led to “more unclean, infected, and diseased Americans.”" (purity)

Immigration - Immigrants love America enough to leave their country and become Americans (patriotism). They break fewer laws and are model citizens. [If proof is needed, bring up the Wall Street Journal article that explains the lower crime rate. Immigrants are 40% as likely to commit a crime as a birthright citizen.]

Reproductive rights - Women are the authorities on their own bodies. We can either respect their authority or violate their trust. (respect for authority, sanctity)

Muslim database - Our country was founded (respect for authority) on religious freedom (freedom). Muslim Americans are no less patriotic than any other citizens (patriotism).

Criminal Justice Reform - Officers with clean records are in favor of reform. (Respect for authority, purity)

Climate Change - Pollution corrupts (purity) our environment. Pollution is a disease of our own making.
flamingsword: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. (Seuss Activism)
I've been thinking about the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, the passing of the STOCK Act and the likely consequences of halting Congressional insider trading, and whether addressing these individual concerns is enough to stop this cycle of failure from happening again in 70 years when America has forgotten to be watchful and the lobbyist buy the legislation back to its current regulatory laxity. We put Glass-Steagall in place in 1933 and it was weakened in 1980, again in 1982, and repealed in 1999. It only took 50 years to forget and 20 to slowly get rid of the protections we had against large-scale gambling with the homes and savings of anyone using a bank. We Americans will forget again, because that is human nature. We need something more permanent than a bill that can be repealed by enough consecutive financial lobbying. In fact, we need to put our democracy out of reach of being bought with money. Americans know that we can't trust lobbyists and that lobbying is the reason we don't trust Congressmen to be honest.

With a deeply entrenched for-profit culture, Congressmen will likely be unwilling to hamstring their own ability to turn a larger profit from civil service. But the framers of the Constitution left us a route to navigate past such a top-down threat to Democracy: we can demand a new Constitutional Convention. Other protest movements have used the threat of an Article V Constitutional Convention to force concessions out of Congress, including four Constitutional Amendments. But whether we can or should trust them to write legislation that targets their own behavior is uncertain due to the current problems our country is having with the loosening of interpretation of its laws and the lack of clear language in many bills. What could be worth the risk of letting this happen again? If it is so important for Congress to save face, why have they not proposed and moved forward their own solutions? Can it be that the system is so gridlocked with competing financial and legislative concerns that public intervention is the only clear path?

Next year is the 225th anniversary of our first and only constitutional convention. Don't you think it's time for a new one?
flamingsword: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. (Seuss Activism)

How you can help OCCCUPY
(without camping)

Transfer Banks. The best and biggest thing you can do to send the message that you do not approve of unethical banking practices is to get a credit union or local bank. If you have a Chase, Citi, Wells-Fargo or Bank of America account, withdraw your funds and place them somewhere that you trust. Wall Street can't use your money to commit moral failings if they don't have your money. Since September 29th $4.5 billion has been transferred into credit unions. Every lost dollar is a vote of no confidence. Every dollar transferred is put back into your local community.

Return Credit Offers. When you get your mail, open the unwanted credit card offers. There will be a postage-paid envelope inside. You can fold the rest of your junk mail into the envelope and send it. If they're going to waste your time sending them every month, then you get to waste their money on postage while supporting your local post office.

Read. Educate yourself on the real messages of the Occupy movement: Accountability, Economic Justice, and Equal Protection under the law. The corporate-owned media feel too threatened to report the movement without bias, but the internet has both sides of the story. There are livestreams of the protests easily accessible, and live camera footage has no bias.

Write. Write to your mayor, your chief of police, your congressmen and representatives. Tell them that you support bank accountability and congressional reform to eliminate moral hazards. Ask that they support First Amendment rights and ethical treatment of non-violent protesters. Remind them of their roots in the community. Write to the news corporations and ask them to report the news more fairly - not just our story, but everyone's. Ask the media who you receive information from to stop burying stories under fluff, and to explain nuanced issues for better public awareness.

Call. If you do not receive an answer or receive only a form letter, call. If the signal is busy, do something else for a few minutes and call again. There's no protocol to stand on, and no need to yell, just talk to the staff or the person you're trying to reach as though they are your employee. In the case of civil servants, you pay their salary: they are respectfully obligated to listen to what you have to say. In the case of news organizations, your viewership can go elsewhere and if they are smart they know enough to be pleasant.

Discuss.  Calmly and without escalation, talk to your friends about your observations and the conclusions about our country that you have drawn from that knowledge. Discuss your concerns, your fears and hopes. Strengthen your friendships by sharing your feelings. If you have friends who think there's nothing wrong with 80 hour work weeks, or think that those who can't find jobs are not worth respect, or think that it is fair for banks to bet against people's ability to pay for their homes, please ask them how those things benefit America.

Assemble. Go to an Occupy camp. See the conditions on the ground for yourself. Talk to protesters, organizers, and police. Look with unbiased eyes at all sides of this conversation our nation is having and draw your own conclusions. Attend a General Assembly and participate in the consensus. If you feel inspired to reject the imbalance of powers in our system and wish to protest, hello and welcome.

Teach. If you like the movement but think there is something that could be done better, show some people how to do it. Teach-ins happen most days at all Occupy camps, and the more knowledge we share, the more we have.

Donate. If you have things that you don't use, please donate. If you have sleeping bags, tents, food, books, socks, scarves, coats and mittens, band-aids, collapsible shelves or portable storage bins, markers and poster-making supplies, a poster that you made but cannot stay around to wave, or if you are lucky enough to have money sitting around, we will gladly accept many things and try to put them to best use. Most Occupy camps have a presence on twitter where donations can be coordinated in an open forum.

FORGIVE. The rich and powerful did not mean for this to happen. The bankers and investors were short-sighted and they work in a high-risk field. They got used to taking risks and then more risks, and some of those risks were not theirs to take. They risked our homes and livelihoods. They were foolish. But foolish is not evil. The government was foolish to think that the state could let them take as many risks as they wanted. They were foolish and we supported them in their foolishness by being less critical than we should have been about ideas that proved unsound. But now we have no time to waste on foolishness or on the bitterness and blame it generates. Please forgive yourself and all of us, and let us move forward from this a more careful, more mutually respectful nation.

Please repost, print, share and distribute as much as you like, no credit is necessary.

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Our national rhetoric is suffering from a poverty of compassion. Our unspoken belief that one must earn the empathy of peers through financial accomplishment is deeply flawed. Mercy that comes at a price is not mercy at all.

We have been seeking to balance our need to care and be cared for within this flawed system by collectively overproducing and overconsuming. But money is a limited resource, and we map that system of scarcity onto respect and affection which are infinite. We have been mislead by our expectations for so long that we have become intellectually dishonest in order to compete with one another in the belief that we cannot all be cared for, but that brings us no closer to balance than our complicit silence in the face of imbalance.

When we, the 99%, deliberately put people we disagree with out of the bounds of our respect, we are making enemies of our opposition, making them defensive, entrenching them further in their view that compassion is not a necessary part of public life. We must meet their cynicism with sincerity and their anger with our honest grief at the injustice that we have all perpetuated by participating in this sham of fairness.

Respect the 1%. Most of them thought they were making good policies and intervening for the best. They honestly thought they could have our best interests at heart in the absence of understanding our lives and the compassion that  creates. Any action in advance of compassion is flawed, theirs or ours.

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flamingsword: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. (Seuss Activism)

I'm having to write this out of order because it's jumbled with too many emotions.

Today I triaged a kid lying on the ground who had been hit in the head by a billy club hard enough that he was nonresponsive for two minutes and disoriented and uncoordinated for several more. I put him in recovery position and stood by him checking his pupil response and trying to get him verbal until enough people yelled at the police to let the ambulance in to the blocked off streets. They brought in a police medical vehicle instead.

Today I shouted "SHAME" at a police officer who set off a firecracker behind the protest lines in an attempt to simulate unlawful protest by the Occupiers. He was ten feet from me. We hadn't been paying him any attention because we weren't expecting sabotage. After that didn't work he joined the officers out in the street. Two minutes later the police started clubbing the people closest to the banks doors. I don't know why.

Today I watched the Dallas Police Department drag a man with blood on his face into a waiting police car. He had been hit repeatedly and thrown to the ground to be cuffed for being off of the sidewalk.

Today I talked at sient police officers who avoided making eye contact about how this was not the job they signed up for. I asked them what happened to the smiling, tolerant faces that first Thursday when we gave them oranges, when they would talk to us, when they could look us in the face. I told them that the Albany PD had violated unlawful orders to harass protesters. One cop walked off to another part of the police line like he had something to say and couldn't, had to remove himself from the possibility of conversation.

We were protesting on the sidewalk outside Bank of America. There was no protester violence. There was a drummer, two people with whistles, and an old guy with a megaphone. There were people chanting and waving signs. There was a tiny hipster girl waving an American flag next to what may have been her grandparents and several Anons. The big banks are using their customer's money to commit crimes against those customers and buy off the consequences. And when you protest that, you can be beaten and arrested.

To my friends who don't know why we're protesting: do any of these things sound like the country you want to live in?

EDIT TO ADD: The shaky video footage makes me ill to sort through but Channel 8 has a report on the<a href="http://www.wfaa.com/news/City-to-probe-Occupy-Dallas-confrontation-at-bank-133334993.html">protesters arrested Saturday afternoon still being in jail Sunday night</a> some whose charges were only released a few hours ago. <a href="http://occupydallas.org/letter-police-0">Occupy Dallas has released a letter to the Dallas Police Department</a> outlining the officer's infractions and the difficulties they present to exercising First Amendment rights.

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flamingsword: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. (Seuss Activism)
Occupy Dallas News:
City of Dallas adds addendum to agreement to let let protesters stay in Liberty Park, tells protesters they need $1 Million in Insurance because the city can't be liable if one of the protesters gets . . . hurt.
Former Mayor Offers Support, Then Backs City of Dallas' Play to Restrict Protest.
City says group did not obtain required insurance coverage from hostile group within 18 hour deadline and should now go quietly home.
Occupy Protesters respond they will seek Federal injunction to continue protests, arrests or not, and then do so.
KERA subtly reminds everyone that this is a non-violent movement and that Dallas is one of a few of 200 cities being Occupied with no arrests or anti-protester violence to date.

Occupy Wall Street News
Occupy Wall Street: A Banker Explains What Really Happened To America. <-- THIS IS THE EYE-OPENING FINANCIAL PIECE TO READ.
A chart-based pictorial of financial statistics sounds dull, but it's lucid non-partisanship is actually pretty damning to the Wall Street agenda. Good link for convincing fiscal conservatives.
And we must be doing well at reaching out because more Americans approve of Occupy Wall Street than not.
In honor of Guy Fawkes Day, Occupy Wall Street is planning a rally at banks to withdraw funds from corporate banks and open accounts at community banks and credit unions. (Have I told y'all how happy I am with my credit union lately? Happy iz me!)
The New York Times chimes in on the Opinions page about the clear messages of the protest.
What Do They Want? A blogger gets eloquently enraged on our behalf, well worth reading when your spirits start to flag.
The Daily Kos is rounding up links on the side of reason also; isn't it nice to have neighbors to keep us out of trouble?
Someone points out that the Occupy Movement Spotlights Disappearing Civil Rights. Because it's not obvious to everybody, even if it feels like it should be.
And somebody finally comes out with evidence to answer a question we all know the answer to: Who Really Owns NYPD? Turns Out It's Not So Rhetorical.

Relevant Wall Street and World News:
International Monetary Fund advisor Robert Shapiro goes on record to say that we may be facing a second bank collapse in two to three weeks. "This would be a crisis that would be in my view more serious than the crisis in 2008."
Comerica Bank executive sees a 50% chance of relapse into recession within the next 18 months. He's not kidding, and neither is the dude at the IMF. This politico-economic situation is inherently unstable, and our congress is dragging its feet on the emergency measures their policies have necessitated. Expect the need for the Occupations to be continuing through the next year.

The 99% will still be here.
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: or what the original Libertarian Tea Party movement has in common with Occupy Wall Street. Their goals were to:

  • Decrease the role of the Federal Reserve with an eye toward phasing it out.
  • Stop expensive foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Federal spending and deficits are mismanaged/too high for what we're getting.
  • American taxation is unequal to its representation.
  • Interference in due legislative process by lobbies and business interests needs to be regulated and transparent.

    Leaving aside the racial and religious messages that got brought in after the movements' cross-pollination with other right wing fundamentalist ideals present in its older, whiter, more predominantly Christian demographic, the financial complaints are very similar.

    You're about to see a lot of courting of the Occupy movement by Republicans and Democrats and if we're smart we 99%ers won't come in under anyone's banner. And our own movement is going to start courting the Libertarians and the fiscal Tea Partyers. The Civil Rights movement was non-partisan because both sides were equally wrong, equally based out of the same uneven playing field. The same situation applies now.

    Once leaders start to emerge from within the ranks, the media will find reasons to discredit them to tell everybody that we shouldn't listen. They will try to interview familiar faces who joined up later who don't really speak for the movement, and we will have to find a way to repudiate them despite the media blackout. There are strange trials coming up, and situations we never foresaw ourselves in.

    Prepare for weird.
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    Yesterday was such a success, I have decided that I am at home to visitors on the second and third Sunday of every month. Baking, music and tea will be happening at my place. Call to let me know you're coming over.

    In recent depressing news Utah is trying to criminalize miscarriage. There are more earthquakes in areas that can't afford it. The recession is still going, and still over-represented by unemployment in the young and black demographics. Those are the suck. But DADT is wearing away, Haiti is starting to do better and may get more infrastructure improvements out of the foreign aid they're getting, and the internet continues to be a hub connecting all of its users to shared spaces where connection and outreach are possible.

    Most awesome video log of the week: An Open Letter To Educators

    Second most awesome Why I will not make a John Mayer response video.

    I have an Etsy! I wish I had more than 1 item posted, but oh well. I had to redo the lightbox and I now need sunlight to take more photos. Maybe tomorrow morning if I can drag myself from the comfy bed.
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    It must be time to post more links!

    News, Science, and Items of Interest:

    How to Destroy the Book, by Cory Doctorow
    "It’s basically a way of saying that copyright is nonsense, and that readers should stop paying attention to it, and only agree to these crazy, abusive licenses."

    Celebrity Impact Rankings
    "Justin Timberlake’s support for his favored charity is worth $9.3 million. Paris Hilton’s? $538."

    True Love Waits... And The Rest Of Us Get On With Our Sex Lives
    "I want to express my gratitude that in my world, having sex with someone, lots of times, before you settle down with them for the long haul, is generally considered, not only normal and acceptable, but sensible, obvious, and even self-evident."

    Traffic Accidents As Social Interactions Gone Wrong
    "The single biggest predictor [of driving-related deaths] was not statewide alcohol problems, safety belt use, number of older drivers or wealth, but the murder rate."

    Poetry, Music, and Art:

    Deadline - vid - technopop, fun with post-its, geekery

    Beyonce vs. Michael Jackson - vid - Single Black and White Ladies

    Bangarang - vid - found-sound mix from the movie Hook.

    Beardyman - vid - 10 minutes of beatboxing AWESOMESAUCE.

    BUIRNT NORTON by T.S. Eliot - poem - "At the still point, there the dance is."

    The Funny, The Sick, & The WTF:

    DC cops can arrest a woman for carrying more than two condoms. GenderFail * SexPositiveFail * STD-Fail = CDCFail.

    Guerilla Gardening: did you know that most cities don't have ordinances against people beautifying their unused medians and marginal spaces by gardening in them?

    Two Gentleman of Lebowski: if The Big Lebowski was written by William Shakespeare.

    Poor Children Likelier to Get Antipsychotics
    "New federally financed drug research reveals a stark disparity: children covered by Medicaid are given powerful antipsychotic medicines at a rate four times higher than children whose parents have private insurance."

    love match

    Jan. 11th, 2010 06:51 pm
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    Fox News loves it's new commentator, Sarah Palin.

    "I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News," Palin said in a statement posted on the network's Web site. "It's wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news."

    With values in tandem and equal commitment to accuracy, they're perfect for each other.

    flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Dark and Wrong)
    I don't believe that capital punishment is correctly named. Punishment implies that a lesson is being learned, but . . . death. Kinda final. Not so much with the correction of behavior. So when our system is forced to admit that it cannot fix someone, that what they have become is beyond our power to deal with, we should not try to make their death a horrible thing because of our failure in this lose/lose scenario.

    That being said, the way we do things currently is barbaric and inexact. Lethal injection is slow, painful, horrible to watch, haphazard to accomplish, and reviled by physicians so strongly that many competent and compassionate professionals resign rather than be involved.

    New plan for death row: asphxia by nitrous oxide overdose. Painless, fast, efficient, effective. The victim's families don't get any kind of grisly thrill from watching someone drift blissfully to unconsciousness and then death. And the tone reminds everyone that this, too, is a mercy killing. And that our failure as a people to practice rehabilitation and resocialization is also to blame.

    And while we're at it, let's legalize assisted suicide. Let's prioritize preserving the quality of life over preserving the length of it.


    Aug. 5th, 2009 10:08 pm
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    Now that Walter Cronkite has passed on, who is America's most trusted newscaster? Oh, yeah!
    Shatner does Palin on Late Night with Conan O'Brian.
    Song that ear-wormed me earlier this week, Almost Human by Voltaire. I blame Blue.
    AT-AT bed for your little ones. But where's MINE?
    Our bodies glow. I feel like I should get a 'told ya so'.
    Solillaquists of Sound bring the funk to your ears.
    The snark is for those who wonder how to convey textual sarcasm. ~Really.~
    Monkeys learn less from our mistakes than from our successes so please remember to thank people for anything you want them to keep doing. :)
    Monsters & Rockets: a blog of many wins, and a place for geeks to prove that sharing really IS caring.
    And finally: Former president Jimmy Carter being a good example of what belief in a deity should look like. He's putting the Christi back in Christianity, folks.
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    Interrogation of Obama's geek cred at the Radio and TV Correspondent's Dinner: long and hilarious.

    Also, I'm going to have to start reconfiguring a part of my headspace to keep track of shame. I'm glad I took it out of my headspace, but it's been long enough now and my memory is bad enough that I'm forgetting to account for it in other people. Fail. I'll probably put in some reading time on the psychology of shame soon, but first I'm trying to remember things I've done to piss people off. Now that I really don't have externally imposed boundaries on my feelings in regards to shame and the lying to myself that it caused, it's time to think back into the icky stuff I wasn't dealing with.

    Time to grow a little further up. Time to talk to Jenn again, Ben again, maybe track down Tina nah, I'm not THAT crazy.
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    America is addicted to oil - even George W. Bush says so. But now we are an addict that robs other countries at gunpoint to support our habit. And Russia, the neighborhood kid that always competes with us and follows our dumbass lead on the one-upmanship, is following our example with Georgia.

    Good gods, you guys, we're that country. I love US, but maybe it's time we stopped using wisdom as a dump stat.

    Also: many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] luckyckljw for the link to the most thought-provoking article on world politics I've read this year. It describes the whole wicked problem aspect of things quite well.
    flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Life is Goofy.)
    Senator Barack Obama
    Obama's Senatorial voting record, a blog supporting his campaign with awesome links: Actually, I Think We Can, and head-to-head poll results showing him as the strongest candidate on either side of the fence.
    Also a YouTube video, a LOLcat-for-Obamasite, and an explanation of why the video is awesome and such things are solid examples of where this guy gets his following from. We believe in him, we create for things we believe in, and we believe in pimping out and sharing the good stuff. Fandom as political animal. HEE!

    Senator Hillary Clinton
    Her voting record on VoteSmart, her using accessible internet media to ask and get responses to campaign issues directly in a public forum, and Clinton being interviewed by our hero, Jon Stewart.
    Her husband gets some of his own back, too. Verbatim Quotes from Republicans when Clinton was Prez: hypocrisy to a ridiculous degree of WTFness. Proving again: "some people need not be satirized, merely quoted."

    In the interests of DOOM, Representative Ron Paul's House voting record shows why I will not be supporting him, as my control over my unruly womb is important to me.
    flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (You? Straight? HAH.)
    I have two things: a solution to the gay marriage dilemma, and a statistical bit of evidence on homosexuality.

    Legally, the government cannot keep you from signing contracts that entitle you to all the headaches and privileges that het marriages get. So marry each other in a ceremony that has meaning to you, hire a lawyer to draw up and sign contracts for the other stuff, and ignore everybody else. In a capitalist society, contract law is sacred, and usually upheld over civil laws and social conventions. The Christian Sideways can say you still aren't legally married, but they won't be able to prove it in any meaningful way.

    *sing-songs* Na na Na na NA Nah!

    Second- take all the gay people you know and sort them into two types: normal/lazy and overacheiving/contrary. Then do the same thing for all the straight people you know. Leave out the bisexuals. If people have a choice between being straight (which has it's perils but is still 100 times safer socially and emotionally) and being gay (which will get you good sex but also family trouble and worries about legal standing, discrimination, closeting, and personal safety) then lazy people are going to choose to be straight and only people who have to do everything the difficult way will choose to be gay. I see no such statistical incidence anywhere.

    Woah. Long sentence there, wasn't it? *is dizzy, from the deep*
    In further news, I still can't pin down the ideas on how to turn down offers.
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    Danforth Quayle is not a bad guy, but I blame him for so much. In showing the world that men of little eloquence can hold high American office, he set a dangerous precedent. He enabled future generations of the garbled to achieve dreams they should never achieve, namely the presidency of George W. Bush.

    In an age where the words of our highest representative can be seen and judged by the world within minutes of their utterance, Quayle's words took on a higher signifigance. If it is not our words that define us in the minds of all nations, then by which of our actions will we be judged? By our wars - for surely they are the loudest of our actions.

    Some people wonder how important a skill public speaking is anyway. Why does a president need to say intelligent things all the time? Because in a representative democracy, our leaders are not supposed to represent the average guy off the street. They are meant to represent the best of what America has to offer her people. Surely we can do better than Quayle and Bush.
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    Why do I read things that make me cry? Because it needs to be done. The standard reaction to horror, fear, or pain is to flinch and look away.

    It's one thing to intellectualize the pain of others, and another to experience the immediacy of the fight against despair being waged in other hearts than your own. Suspension of disbelief in fiction is made possible only through the emotional realization that others suffer as we suffer, that even if the circumstances of the story are fiction, the impact of it is real.

    Without art to encode and transmit the human experience, we are at risk of developing a terrible disease: Failure To Connect. The spiritual malaise and general apathy hitting this country, MY country, are the forerunners of a necessary paradigm shift. Because my country does not cry, and it is falling sick. It always has to bleed to get better, and I know that. Knowing that means that I have to look at it. We are all accountable to ourselves for what we do with what we know. Inaction DOES imply complicity.
    It hurts, and you cry. It's okay to flinch.
    Don't look away.

    The StarGate: Atlantis fic that made me cry is available here.

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    The Q'ran, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita: all these works are meant to be taken as works of non-fiction, based on the world and actual revelations/experiences had by the authors about that world's origins. As Kathy Mar sings, "Humans wrote the Bible, God wrote the world." And that's deep and everything, but as a corollary it also means that the Bible is fanfiction. All religious texts claim to be based in part on the words of a deity, so I suppose that's as canon as can be, but they're all different and ascribe different names and motivations to the main character, so religions are all just different fandoms.

    There's a name for something that happens in fanfiction when a bad author writes in a character based on something they wish they could be, and it's "Mary-Sue". A Mary-Sue is a character who has special powers, exotic looks, or is a previously-unheard-of relative to a main character. Everyone loves a Mary-Sue, s/he can do anything and often upstages the primary characters. Sound like anyone you know? Jesus is the biggest Mary-Sue ever. Heal the sick, throw a perfect party with bread and fish and wine for everybody, and bring back the dead - tell me that he wasn't written to upstage his father and take the plot focus for himself. YA RLY.

    Also, sometimes the Adam/Eve shippers and the Adam/Steve shippers get to sniping at each other, and you get little flame wars where people are crucified on LiveJournal for their belief in the One True Pairing. Which means that religious wars are fandom wank. And isn't "Christianity" just a candy-coated way of saying, "I ship God/Mary chan non-con"? See, nobody has real moral high ground here, and this is why we don't like the wank. Religion fandom: peace out, yo!

    Now, in the TV, book, and movie fandoms, we realize that the owners will sue for trying to pass our work off as their own, or for trying to extort money out of it. So we say right up front that the original work is not ours. Seriously Muslims/Christians/Jews/Buddhists: You do not own the copyright on God. Have the balls to use the standard "don't own, don't sue" disclaimer, you trademark infringing trolls!

    I swallow the ideas of others, and nine months later I'll have a headache and out will spring a shining idea, fully formed, armed, and loaded. Like Athena. How cool is it that I have tiny militant lesbians in my head? Oh, shut up, you're just jealous.


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