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It must be time to post more links!

News, Science, and Items of Interest:

How to Destroy the Book, by Cory Doctorow
"It’s basically a way of saying that copyright is nonsense, and that readers should stop paying attention to it, and only agree to these crazy, abusive licenses."

Celebrity Impact Rankings
"Justin Timberlake’s support for his favored charity is worth $9.3 million. Paris Hilton’s? $538."

True Love Waits... And The Rest Of Us Get On With Our Sex Lives
"I want to express my gratitude that in my world, having sex with someone, lots of times, before you settle down with them for the long haul, is generally considered, not only normal and acceptable, but sensible, obvious, and even self-evident."

Traffic Accidents As Social Interactions Gone Wrong
"The single biggest predictor [of driving-related deaths] was not statewide alcohol problems, safety belt use, number of older drivers or wealth, but the murder rate."

Poetry, Music, and Art:

Deadline - vid - technopop, fun with post-its, geekery

Beyonce vs. Michael Jackson - vid - Single Black and White Ladies

Bangarang - vid - found-sound mix from the movie Hook.

Beardyman - vid - 10 minutes of beatboxing AWESOMESAUCE.

BUIRNT NORTON by T.S. Eliot - poem - "At the still point, there the dance is."

The Funny, The Sick, & The WTF:

DC cops can arrest a woman for carrying more than two condoms. GenderFail * SexPositiveFail * STD-Fail = CDCFail.

Guerilla Gardening: did you know that most cities don't have ordinances against people beautifying their unused medians and marginal spaces by gardening in them?

Two Gentleman of Lebowski: if The Big Lebowski was written by William Shakespeare.

Poor Children Likelier to Get Antipsychotics
"New federally financed drug research reveals a stark disparity: children covered by Medicaid are given powerful antipsychotic medicines at a rate four times higher than children whose parents have private insurance."
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This image:
Fast Food Mafia )
created this video:

RAD OMEN - "Rad Anthem" from Nicholaus Goossen on Vimeo.

I love the internet. :D
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Stolen and nefariously re-purposed from [livejournal.com profile] sushi_slave:

This is simple.
You must have a:
- Lead Vocalist: Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco
- Drummer: Spencer Smith (the fifth!) also of Panic! At the Disco
- Lead Guitarist: Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, dude in the icon
- Bass Player: Me! Look at the kind of crackheads who can play bass! I could totally do that.
- Song writer: Amanda Fucking Palmer, formerly of the Dresden Dolls
- Misc. instrument: Saxophone played by [livejournal.com profile] elucreh (I'm not being in a band with this much fail without her to protect me.)
- Name of your band: Leia and the Wookiees
(optional) keytarist/rhythm guitarist: Imogen Heap, formerly of Frou Frou
- Title of Hit Single: Keep Your Chin Up (You Can't Keep Your Head Down)

Tour Shenanigans:
This lamecore StarWars-filk-influenced post-hardcore band opened for the new Queen and My Chemical Romance on the spring 2010 The New Rock Tour. Thanks to excellent management and security staff, it was a quiet tour until The Wookiee's mascot was penguin-napped in a late-night raid. This set off a prank war that culminated in singer Gerard Way performing for the city of Minneapolis while his skin was dyed blue. Frank Iero finished the tour with one foot in a cast, although this may have been unrelated.
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Xenoix basically guilted me into going to this, since I cancelled most of this weekend's plans. And he was right. I didn't have to talk to anyone, and the adrenaline did me good.

You know what also did me good? Screaming and thrashing around and giving a physical vent to my frustrations. To deal with my Daddy issues I've been reconnecting with my rage. And since I'm not used to being an angry person anymore, I'd forgotten how to release the excess. And singing fuck-off songs about personal failures and triumphs, dancing like a maniac, and wailing like a banshee were very pressure-relieving.

My head is finally quiet. I feel empty. It's wonderful.

I think I'm good to sleep tonight. :)

(Notes to self: Take headache meds BEFORE going into any concert that will have bright, flashing lights aimed at the audience. Also, maybe bring earplugs. Drinking water all day and eating lightly right before concert: were good ideas. Having hot drink waiting in thermos in the car, taking a few minutes to calm the nerves rather than driving in the worst of the traffic: also good ideas.)


Aug. 5th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Now that Walter Cronkite has passed on, who is America's most trusted newscaster? Oh, yeah!
Shatner does Palin on Late Night with Conan O'Brian.
Song that ear-wormed me earlier this week, Almost Human by Voltaire. I blame Blue.
AT-AT bed for your little ones. But where's MINE?
Our bodies glow. I feel like I should get a 'told ya so'.
Solillaquists of Sound bring the funk to your ears.
The snark is for those who wonder how to convey textual sarcasm. ~Really.~
Monkeys learn less from our mistakes than from our successes so please remember to thank people for anything you want them to keep doing. :)
Monsters & Rockets: a blog of many wins, and a place for geeks to prove that sharing really IS caring.
And finally: Former president Jimmy Carter being a good example of what belief in a deity should look like. He's putting the Christi back in Christianity, folks.
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I am buying new CDR, and you know what that means. MIXTAPES!

Filk for [livejournal.com profile] elucreh, 2 pop-punk mixes for [livejournal.com profile] ultimatebryan, a stirring collection of soundtrack action themes, and the usual mix of weird things that I've found this year. Whoever wants in knows where to put a comment. :)
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At 3 a.m. we're off to the Feri workshop in Austin. We'll be back Sunday . . . sometime. I dunno.

If you get lonely without a dose of me, then just substitute crack and LULZ. Here are the current set, mostly cadged via twitter.

The rest are here. )


Jun. 3rd, 2009 11:28 am
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Now that the worst of the ick is over, I'm just tired. :[ Better than yesterday! Gratitude 4 GRATE WIN!

Some of this music won't be to your taste, and some will. I hope it's a bright spot in your day if you need one.

Be Good or Be Gone by Fionn Regan.
Fuck You by Lily Allen, my new hero
The Fear also by Lily Allen
Miles Davis and John Coltrane
Fall Out Boy's Sugar, We're Going Down as covered by the Angry String Orchestra
The Non Nom Nom Song by Parry Gripp
A Boxxy vid set to young girl talking about herself also from Parry Gripp
A girl in a competition dancing to Up, Up, Up by Ani DiFranco
World On Fire by Sarah McLachlan

Thank you. That is all.
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So maybe the nausea yesterday wasn't from the cramps, but from fighting whatever bug has Xenoix and I both sick. He actually stayed home from work yesterday, and that never happens.

I am dizzy and feel like I'm gonna throw up, and I want comfort but at the same time the thought of touching another person or smelling anything food-like is horrifying.

So, instead I have music from [livejournal.com profile] bardkris, (psst, [livejournal.com profile] cluegirl! you want this one), and recommendations. First place is for Stealing Harry, a wonderfully domestic Harry Potter fanfiction wherein Sirius Black, a bookseller, raises his godson with the help of his faithful werewolf, that stays pretty pg-13 and is a wonderful set of novels about a fairly good set of YA books.

And for those of you who want to giggle hysterically instead, Lust Over Pendle the equally non-explicit Neville/Draco described thusly: "Lust Over Pendle is a comedy of manners set in the Golden Age detective thriller genre." Narcissa Malfoy defeated the Dark Lord, and wizarding history never got less cracktastic.

How can you resist that?
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A friend of mine grows his very own brambles
They twist all around him till he can't move
Beautiful, quivering, chivalrous shambles
What is my friend trying to prove?

The booze turns a tall, gentle boy to a terrible totem
And the kids gather 'round trying to see what's inside
I think when he's drinking he's drowning some riot
What is my friend trying to hide?

'Cause it's breaking my heart, it's breaking my heart
And it's breaking my heart to pour like the rain
Brother of mine don't run with those fuckers
When will my friend start singing again?

When will my friend start singing again?
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Hello Seattle by Owl City

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

The WTF Blanket (snuggie parody)

Weird shit you can do to your brain! Because things are only as important as your memory of them.
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My happy things for the day are [livejournal.com profile] elucreh, slash fiction, and this. *points upward*

And hugs. Those are nice.
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Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] elucreh. I would do Panic, but my favorites are a bit less brightly colored. :) I would like to go on record as saying that I don't even much like punk music, ok? That I'm doing the '5 things about my favorite band' meme about My Chem says nothing about my musical taste, which you know very well I haven't got any of.

1. Gerard Way reminds me a bit of Tony Aubrey, [livejournal.com profile] willnobilis and some of the fanboys from Lone Star. The same idealism, that willingness to use your life as a social experiment: my favorite geeks are brave and possessed of a kind of trollish fortitude that outperforms less enthusiastic persons. They're all geeks, but they're geek rock stars, out winning Eisner's and doing what they always wanted to do - cutting off the nose of expected social roles to spite conformity's face. It's kind of nice to know that, statistically speaking, at least some of the awkward guys who used to follow me around during Magic and Warhammer tournaments went on to lead happy, fulfilled lives. And maybe some of them also went on to live their dreams of rock stardom. *shrugs* It's not like me and my limited contact with pop culture would know. So, they give me reason to believe in my friends and acquaintances, and that's the first reason they're my favorites.

2. I identify with these guys. I went on a kick of watching interviews of my heroes, and Neil Gaiman is too lucid and well-spoken and just fucking cool to have a thing in common with me. Mikey Way is the internet's darling because we can tell that he's one of us. He's learning to be less self-conscious, letting his unabashedly dorky self shine through. They don't just remind me of you guys - sometimes they remind me of ME, which is a lot more rare.

3. The Black Parade is the song I needed to hear when I was thirteen. I didn't have it then, but they made it so that the kids after us will have something that tells them not to be ashamed of being broken. My Chemical Romance Saves Lives: maybe it's a cliche and maybe I was already saved, but I was lucky, and they're working to take it out of the clumsy hands of luck. I mentioned the dedication to idealism already, but did I mention that they have a fan update community here on LJ with six thousand people watching it? So they're competent saviours, and you all know how I feel about that.

4. Frank. Trickster guitar yoga enthiasts = <3. My old friend Brandon Cordrey was this tiny ADHD maniac who got me sent to the principles office weekly if not daily. Did I ever back out of my share of getting into trouble? Not once. I miss having somone around to be dangerously irresponsible with. I want to risk grievous bodily injury and restraining orders. I want an even-more-miniature Frank Iero to keep in my pocket, like a not-very-blue Nac Mac Feegle. Or maybe just a talking action figure of him that tells people to go fuck themselves. I'm negotiable.

5. They're just lovable, normal geeks. They blog about their dogs, new computer hardware, their favorite cereal, movie references and reality TV shows. They're not playing at being legends, they just have a job to do and they do it. I respect the hell out of that. I need more role models to enforce my notions of living my life exactly as I please, of not needing to be cool or even mainstream-friendly, of believing that I am loved and appreciated just as I am. They give me so much more than hope.

So, while I may not like punk music, I'm still buying their Desolation Row cover off iTunes tomorrow. And pretty much anything else they do. They are my very favorite band, and those are five of my best reasons why.
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: a clip of the video for My Chemical Romance's cover of 'Desolation Row'.

Punk rock you can understand the lyrics to? Fuckin' A, man! :)


Jan. 18th, 2009 10:18 am
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So I was listening to the radio the other day (go me, swimming in the mainstream!) and singing along to some of the stuff I recognized, and I noticed that I can now hit one of the notes that I thought I'd lost. I now only have a 2-note break in the middle of my range, and the tonal difference between head voice and chest voice is getting more flexible again.

I will have it back. I WILL, I WILL, I WILL!
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I'm plague-ridden now, though Xenoix is getting better. Have a NonReligious Christmas Carol by Tim Minchin, instead of hugs full of germs from me.
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These would be the first set of all those band icons I've been working on while distracting myself from the thoughts I need to take breaks from thinking. Bright colors help.

If you are a fan of My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, or The Hush Sound feel free to click for the rest of the set. )
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While I'm sulking in bed and pretending that my stomach pain has gone away and that I'm TOTALLY OKAY, NO REALLY I'm making a bunch of band icons to post up next week. It's rather fun to do, actually, and it means I am exposing myself to new music. Eisley and THE CAB are pretty good, and I liked That Green Gentleman so much I bought Pretty. Odd. by Panic at the Disco. I'm a sucker for theatricality, you all know this. But the Beatles-vibes are very soothing in that comfortably restless way that makes you want to act out, just gets under your skin and makes you want to create a new world in words and colors and metaphors, a better world to turn this one into. I miss The Beatles, and they were never together in my lifetime. :'(

Someone make me go dancing tomorrow? Please drag my grouchy self onto a dance floor and ply me with loud and pretty 'til my brain shuts off and I can relax and deal with my life.
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A friend was married Saturday, and I wish him well of it. But if the priest had talked any slower I might have buzzed up out of my seat and forced caffeine down his throat while shrieking at him to TALK AT A NORMAL FUCKING PACE, YOU SEX-NEGATIVE BABY PUSHER!

In the wake of the ceremony I discovered that punk rock is the cure for sitting through a Catholic wedding. It washes away the aftertaste of shame and barbiturates with rage and heroic fuck-off lyricism. Bless My Chemical Romance down to their punk-ass boots. I arrived at the reception bearing coffee and a sharp-toothed grin, neither helpful in the endeavor of fitting into the wedding party, but worthwhile all the same. :D

And shut it, Nyyki! I will force feed you The Black Parade the next time I see you, and even your snobby nose will have to come down and admit that those boys are good at what they do.


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