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flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Default)
Gratitude, naming your emotions, making choices and touching people.
Sum up
Here’s what brain research says will make you happy:
  • Ask “What am I grateful for?” No answers? Doesn’t matter. Just searching helps.
  • Label those negative emotions. Give it a name and your brain isn’t so bothered by it.
  • Decide. Go for “good enough” instead of “best decision ever made on Earth.”
  • Hugs, hugs, hugs. Don’t just text — touch.

    From The Upward Spiral:
    "Trying for the best, instead of good enough, brings too much emotional ventromedial prefrontal activity into the decision-making process. In contrast, recognizing that good enough is good enough activates more dorsolateral prefrontal areas, which helps you feel more in control …"
  • flamingsword: Nora from RWBY fanart (Thora)
    So on SuperBetter, that app that gameifies my self care, you are a superhero on a quest to better yourself and gain various skills and superpowers. My handle is Thora the Bold, hence the new icon!
    According to this positive psychology quiz, my strengths are Curiosity, Justice, Good Judgement, Capacity for Love, and Love of Learning. Which seems accurate to me? But if you have superpowers to add, go right ahead!

    Here's what I need help with: I need you to tell me how you see me use my superpowers. Do I use the Force for Good, or at least for Awesome? Even a sentence or two will be a big help.


    flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Default)

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