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I was thinking recently of trying to add gluten back into my diet because of how much I miss croissants.  But then I started making a list of the benefits and possible costs. In the plus column: chocolate croissants. Eating out with friends sans excessive planning. Not having a thing that I have to always be paranoid about.

Unchanged: get cysts either way.

Negatives: the return of migraines. The immune system of fail. Higher cancer risk. Become anemic again and have low blood pressure issues.
Ive been sick twice this year instead of the usual once a month. My immune system works better this way. And I miss croissants, but its not worth my health to have them even if there is not a passable substitute.

It bothers me to know that there will always be things I want and cant have, but then I forget to be annoyed until the next time it becomes an issue. How sad is that?

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Nov. 11th, 2010 10:45 pm
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I haven't been having migraines since I went gluten-free, and I check things. I check like crazy. But not crazy enough, because I just had a migraine after having eaten only "safe" things the last several days. I just got done re-checking my vitamins, and there were a few that I had missed before I found out about cellulose/cellulose gum. The roomie now has them.

I started having visual distortions at work, so I thought I should do everything I could to keep visual distortions from becoming a migraine, because I had one more client and I do need monies. It sort of backfired when a co-worker decided to help in a way that in her defense probably would have worked on a regular headache, but does not work so well on a migraine. In hindsight I don't think that she gets migraines, so she probably didn't know that; I don't make the best-thought-out decisions when I'm getting one, either. Either way, I had to get [livejournal.com profile] numb3r_5ev3n to come get me, because the light-and-dark visual distortions were pretty bad. I went from normal to prodrome to weird body disconnection in what may have been only 15 minutes. None of that is normal, but last week I may have been doing stupid things with my brain chemistry to make sure I would be ready to see people for the party, since I spent half of Clover's Halloween party upstairs hiding out on her computer.

I've felt better since I increased the 5-HTP to everyday and added St. John's Wort on the off-days since I only take the SAM-e every other day (if I take it every day my sleep schedule gets messed up and I get restless and nervous). But you're really not supposed to mix antidepressants, and the St. John's Wort I'd been taking listed cellulose gum in the ingredients. No more of that for me. :(
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This week is like being 14.
Migraine out of fucking nowhere? Wait- that's not true. I totally should have been expecting this. If gluten can be a hidden migraine trigger, and as much as I was looking forward to never having another migraine now that I'd gone gluten-free, in hindsight it makes perfect sense that gluten exposure would have migraine as a sequela. My bad. Somewhere I had the note to myself to never leave the house without medicine for migraines should one occur, but my vigilance this week is dependent on the amount of concentration I can muster, which is not much. I'll put up reminder post-its on the door after I post this entry.

My week, ladies and gentlemen: )
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While I was at Tuesday Movie Night I ate some corn tortilla chips. I've been consuming tortilla chips pretty regularly on the gluten-free diet, having always checked ingredients on the back of the bag to make sure they weren't wheat-containing. I'd gotten pretty comfortable with corn chips. These were from a restaurant, and post-really-bad-Wednesday I'm pretty sure they weren't just corn. I was planning to do an intentional gluten challenge after my birthday, and I still might if I can't track down an answer on those chips. I mean, maybe it was a bad ... M&M? Contaminated piece of bell pepper? The hummus? Everything else I ate that night was pretty low-risk for intestinal weirdness.

ETA: Confirmed. On The Border tortilla chips contain gluten.

Symptoms for personal reference, hidden for those of you with the capacity to squick )
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Since going gluten-free and being on the liver cleansing diet, I have noticed that my hair is falling out less (still not getting less creepy), but the reparative effects of the diet may take six months to a year to become apparent. That's okay, though, I'll still be on this diet until they get better evidence concerning the link between gluten, casein, and autism spectrum disorders. Synchronicity needs to stop following me around. I don't like it that way. Let's just be friends?

I may have to take the advice discussed here on seeing if the gluten-free diet takes away my migraines (because apparently everything that's ever been wrong with me can be caused by a food sensitivity), and then re-institute a wheat-containing diet for a few weeks to get a diagnosis.

I have been reading too much. And possibly reading into too much? We'll see in a few months.

In other news:
* one of my closest friends is going batshit insane and I'm trying not to go with him.
* I am about to post a massive number of things on Etsy tomorrow evening.
* Scratched a necklace photographing it, now it needs a home. Care to test international shipping, [livejournal.com profile] maeritrae ?
* Saturday night will be spent at Ghost's house.
* I am having trouble sleeping alone. Y'all should sleep over. Slumber party at my house!


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