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In the life of Natasha Romanoff, master spy, this is a busy week for emotional revelations.

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Can I just complain that writing is hard every day until I'm done?

I started reading Stephen King's On Writing to maybe get some ideas on process that don't come from years of being in fandom and reading the blogs of people who occasionally mention their writing process, which I like? Vaguely? Remember? And that was enough to write the first installment of my story, and yay, I did the thing.

But now there's more thing in my head, and it's not going anywhere, so I guess I'd better get serious about writing so that I can at least bring it to people in a way that maximizes their enjoyment of the thing I want to write.
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So I have officially started writing the second part to the BlackPepper fic. It should be done by . . . July? August, maybe. My writing and editing process is slow, because I can't just write a whole thing and then throw chunks away in editing. I have to write a bit, then think a bit, then edit, and then write again. It's slow, but it's my process, and I'm weirdly invested in it? I don't want to have to throw large bits of things away? So I keep everything as pared down as I can the whole way along, and at the end it manages to maybe not be a sprawling mess. Maybe I should learn to throw things away but that requires being even less emotionally invested in things and if I were less emotionally invested in life, I'd be dead.

I am going to go find old DVD Commentaries on stories. Remember when we used to do those, fandom? And I'm going to see if I can steal writing tips from old fics I used to like. I think [personal profile] copperbadge has some commentaries, somewhere, possibly on his old schnoogle account, if such a thing still exists. I realize I am seriously dating myself, here.

Do you have a favorite DVD Commentary or favorite piece of writing advice? Link me the good stuff, please!
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So you have this interaction spectrum that starts with people you don't get along with. You slowly move up the scale to people you see more of and have in your life more.

Some people are "sometimes friend"s. You get along best when you see each other a few times a month, but maybe one of you has a lot more energy than the other, or your interaction styles are different enough that you annoy each other if you try to integrate for longer than six hours a week. With me so far?

Some people are "everyday friend"s. You can get along with them for eight+ hours a day every day. Your energy levels, anticipation of each others needs, and interaction styles are largely compatible. You would make decent roommates.

Then you have a different spectrum, an intimacy spectrum, and people from anywhere on the previous spectrum can fall anywhere on here. I love my dad, but we do not get along. We see each other face to face roughly every five years. But he changed my diapers and has held my hair while vomitting. That's pretty intimate. It's non-sexual, but speaks to being comfortable with having an important role in my life.

A lot of what women envy about bromance is that men's relationships with each other have sacrificed touching for other forms of these nonsexual intimacies, and then basically declared those intimacies bro-only. You'll clean up your friend's vomit, but cringe at buying your girlfriend tampons? Welcome to an unfair double standard that allows the intimacy of body acceptance for one set but not the other. Men are allowed to know what "embarrassing" things their friends like, but they have to be "cool" in front of a girl - denies even the opportunity for intimacy. There are a lot of little ways that there are his and hers sets of what is okay for intimacy by gender, and there's only two sets of norms. And it's sad, and I hope it dies a rapid death.


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