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Location:Dallas, Texas, United States of America
I believe in taking a creative approach to mental health, and as such consider my sanity to be valid but culturally relative. We are all welcome to our crazy, but if your chupacabra starts biting people, I am gonna call you in on that. And I'll be respectful about it and all, but if you pull bullshit I will call it. No exceptions.

Shame and jealousy and gender identity are things that happen to other people. I forget to account for feelings I don't have sometimes, so please poke me if I am insensitive. I don't have self-hate anymore, but it is my home town, and I can see that for what it is. So if you are pulling self-destructive BS around me I am going to make sure you are aware of it. You're allowed to make bad choices, but you're not allowed to make dangerous choices by accident around me. I can't actually help that? Sorry not sorry.

I am reading the internet to give my brain something to chew on that isn't you. It also has a handy side effect of giving me things to talk to you about, since it may as well be entertaining if listening to me voluntarily. Want me to read your blog or discuss an article? Link me. I also do beta reading. Just send me stuff. I am that easy. About that: TMI happens here; you were warned and no one who knows me will have much sympathy for the scarring mental images or weaponized empathy you now cannot get rid of.

I am weird and unashamed. I live loudly, love brightly, and laugh dorkly.

respect culture is love
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