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I keep getting more kudos on my fics. I have this slow but steady trickle of people reading and liking the things I wrote, and I am full of warm fuzzies about that. If you are one of the people who liked or commented on my fic, thank you so much. It means a lot to me. :D

In my effort to avoid living in my body right now I am trying to plot out the Agender!Cap fic where Natasha is better than everyone. Do I rely too much on Natasha being better than everyone? I don't care. But this story and it's follow up are going to need a lot of research and carefully sorting through the feelings of a lot of different people to find the reactions that are going to be useful to my narrative, so I am planning on watching some Marvel movies I haven't seen yet, like Ant-Man, and rewatching CA:CW.

I need to do my 12 continuing education hours before the end of June, and it would probably be best to do those this weekend. I am having trouble deciding how to finish a hat I am working on crocheting, the homeless friend is still living in my car and we need to find him a better place before he gets heatstroke, and I am working on making some bracelets for my sister and for people's xmas presents. That is what is going on with me currently. Ghost's brother is in the hospital right now for depression and dehydration and my sister-in-law is having a rough time dealing with the stress at the end of the school year. Ghost is worried and falling back on bad habits to deal with it, and his parents are coming into town pretty often to help deal with paperwork and hospitals. But hopefully everything starts looking up soon, with the new treatments.

My roommate narrowly avoided some financial trouble, but may not be able to attend their art commune event this weekend because of car trouble. I am getting ready for them to move this summer, trying to remember what belongs to who, what can be given to them if they need it (book cases) what I need to keep (kitchen rug) and that sort of thing. I want everything to go smoothly, but that only seems to happen with over-planning and aggressive preparation. So that's what I'm gonna do.
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