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So I have this thing where I think fiction is one of the potential answers to problems of representational biases in mainstream consciousness. And fanfiction is where I can be a fighter for my own representation without having to devote 40 hours a week to something that I could never do professionally.

I want to do two stories, one that tells the story about disability bros and hanging out with people who get you rather than the people who help you get better, the story that tells about how both kinds of relationships are necessary. And then, increasingly, there is a second story I want to tell, about the slow realization that the gender that you never really questioned does not really fit, is not right for you, and the need to move on from identities that don't work any more.

So if I did write an MCU agender!Steve fic, how do I get people to read it? Probably by making it porn. I:m thinking Stucky. But I can do porn; it was really frustrating but I did fine last time, I think? And I learned how to write it without resorting to keysmashing in frustration, which is also important. It's a little weird to think I've been learning to write porn while going through menopause, but ... enh. Whatever. My life used to always be like that. The return of weirdness is interesting rather than frustrating at this point.


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